Sleeping Pills

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__ |__|__ __| | Related article: Sleeping Pills "Prove it," said Riddle, while at the same commanding tone he had when using He had said: "Yes, it's me. ". " Tell the truth, " raised Dumbledore his eyebrows. "If, as I take it to accept his place at Hogwarts - " " Of course I am," " Then you will find me as " teacher "or " direction " Sir ", " Enigma n. expression for the fleeting moment before it hardens he said, in a unrecognizable politely, "Sorry, sir, I meant, teacher, may I -. " Harry was sure that Dumbledore would refuse to tell a riddle that would be too long for practical demonstrations at Hogwarts, that were nothing more than a house full of muggles and at therefore, you must careful. To his surprise, however, Dumbledore drew his wand from his pocket inside his jacket, pointed to the clothes in bad shape in the corner of s, and staff gave a casual movement. the box burst into flames. Riddle jumped, Harry could not blame him screaming in shock and anger, all the property of their world has to be there. But screening round n to Dumbledore, the flames disappeared, so that the cabinet completely in good condition. Enigma was left out of the closet to Dumbledore, then his expression greedy, that s pointed to the wall. No "Where I can get one? " " All in good time," said Dumbledore. " I think it's trying something in your closet. " And, of course, a weak tremor could be heard from inside. For the first time , Riddle looked scared. "Open the door," said Dumbledore. Riddle, hesitated, then crossed the room and opened the closet door. in the top shelf, over a rail of clothes worn, a little box moving and shaking as if he had caught several mice in it. " Take it," said Dumbledore. Enigma was the quake. He seemed exasperated. " Is there anything in the Sleeping Pills box that you do nothave? "Said Dumbledore. Enigma n Dumbledore cast a long look clear and calculator. " Yes, I think so, " sir, he finally said, his voice expressionless. " Open " said Dumbledore. Enigma uncorked and emptied the contents onto the bed, in that. Harry, who had expected something much more exciting to see a mess of small objects, every day : a yo-yo, silver thimble and a mouth-organ damage
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